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Single Line Diagram & Troubleshooting Control Circuit


Course Contents

  • Electrical Symbols

  • Review of standard symbols, and

  • Symbol identification and meaning

  • Basic layout

  • Familiarization with the layout of different schematics and one line diagrams

  • Elementary Electrical Diagrams

  • What are schematics used for and why are they necessary

  • DC voltage schematic

    • Introduction, familiarization and review of: Series circuit, Parallel Circuit and Series / Parallel circuit

  • Single-Line Diagram

    • Purpose of a single line,
    • Equipment identification, and
    • Hazardous energy control.

  • AC voltage schematic

    • Equipment identification, and
    • Trouble shooting and fault finding.

  • Developing and Maintaining a single line diagram

    • Site familiarization,
    • Equipment identification and inventory,
    • Nomenclature verification,
    • Preparing a block diagram,
    • Interconnecting the equipment,
    • Verification of accuracy, and
    • Practical exercise

  • Troubleshooting using electrical schematic

    • Effective trouble shooting approach
    • Evaluating and assessing the fault
    • Mapping a solution
    • Identifying the hazards

  • Case study
    • Create a block map of the installed equipment
    • Transfer the information to the one line diagram
    • Verify electrical prints and make changes to existing diagrams
    • Create and maintain regulatory compliant electrical diagrams
    • Question and Answer Session

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