CESD : Certified Embedded System Developer

Course Highlights

• We teach, how to interface hardware and integrate them to built up a complete System

• We teach, how to develop software (Drivers) for the I/O’s, which can be reused across any application

• The Software Driver algorithms are independent of the controller used. (RISC CISC and 8, 16, 32 bits).

• We cover the Micro controllers like no one else

• Our focused course helps fresher to get placed and Professionals to do better

• We know, what industries require and we are successful in imbibing those skills to our students

• We have 100% Placement Track record

Skill Set you will acquire

• You learn, how to Interface Hex Keypad, Multiplexed Seven Segment Display, LCD Module, Serial Port, DC Motor, Stepper Motor, Servo Motor, Touch Sensor, Light Sensor, etc. with the Micro controller and write DRIVERS (Independent code) for the same

• You also learn to identify and implement the code, which can be used across different applications

• You learn to develop a complete system (instrument) and how to link the large reusable code with the applications

• The Practice sessions helps you to improve your hardware skills along with your software skill

• The developed RTOS code helps you to get the insight of how REAL TIME OPERATING SYSTEMS works

• The Proficiency in Embedded C Programming and its tools

• The hands-on experience on how to develop applications using RTOS (Vx works) as a tool