CADD : Certified DCS Application Developer

Emerson – Delta V / Yokogawa - CS 3000 / Siemens – PCS 7 / ABB Freelance & xA

DCS General

Topic Mode
• Introduction to various control systems used
• Applications of DCS system
• Architectural evolution for DCS
• Hardware architecture of DCS
→ Processor, Power supply, I/O modules, Communication bus
• Operator and Engineering station, Redundancy
• Comparison between the hardware PLC & DCS Presentation

Practical exposure on DCS System

Topic Mode
• Practical exposure on DCS system
• Overview of the system components and topologies
• Detailed information on
• Controllers, I/O cards, Carriers, System power suppliers
• Control networks
Practical on DCS
• Designing DCS based automation solution for the application Practical on DCS
• Setting up DCS system with PS, Controllers, I/Os with communication bus system
• Connecting field devises to DCS
Practical on DCS
• Configuring engineering and operator stations Practical on DCS
• Application development in DCS system
• Graphical User Interface Development
• Control Modules, Workspace
Practical on DCS
• Alarm and Process History
• Sequential Function Charts
• Display Scripting
Practical on DCS
• Users and Securities
• Custom Faceplates
• Custom Dynamos
Practical on DCS
• Scripting and programming languages Practical on DCS
• Configuring nodes on networks Practical on DCS
• Networking technologies in DCS systems Practical on DCS
• Redundancy systems available in DCS
• CPU, Power supply, I/O & Communication redundancy
Practical on DCS


Topic Mode
• DCS trouble shooting techniques
• Distinguish between hardware problems, software problems, and field problems
• Reading the Error status bits
• Replacing the faulty modules
• CPU, I/O Modules / Power supply
• Fault diagnostics and error handling
• Backup & Restore Procedures and Techniques
Practical on DCS