Induction Modules– Instrumentation System


Modern process and manufacturing industries rely on accurate measurement and control of process parameters to ensure products of a very high quality can be produced safely and efficiently.

Technicians working in the process industries are involved in the configuration, installation, calibration and maintenance of measurement and control systems. This course is designed to give students the introductory skills and knowledge required to operate in such environments.

Module Mode
Module (01)
• Introduction to instrumentation
• Basic measuring concepts.
• Measuring practices.
• Measuring Instruments Selection criteria.
• Different types of Instrument.
• Direct and Indirect Measurement.
• Direct and Indirect Measurement.
• Calibration – Need, Methods, standards etc.
Practical –Presentation
Module (02)
• Sensors Transducers and Transmitters
• Parameters.
• Units and Scales.
• Classifications of sensors.
• Different types of sensors.
Practical –Presentation
Module (03)
• Temperature Measurement.
• Thermometers.
• Thermisters.
• RTDs.
• Thermocouples.
• Transducer and Transmitter wiring.
• IR Pyrometers.
• Calibration Philosophy, Traceability of Temperature Standards.
• Selection & Applications of Temperature measuring Instruments.
• Calibration of Temperature Sensors – RTD, Thermocouples.
• Temperature Calibrators.
Practical –Presentation
Module (04)
• Pressure / Load measurement.
• Theory of pressure measurement.
• Sensors and Transmitters.
• Load Cells and their working principle.
• Strain Gauges.
• Erection and Commissioning Guidelines.
• Calibration practices.
• Maintenance & Trouble shooting.
Practical –Presentation
Module (05)
• Level Measurement.
• Need for Level Measurement.
• Working Principle of different Level Measuring Devices.
• Mounting and Calibration practice.
Practical –Presentation
Module (06)
• Flow Measurement
• Need for Flow Measurement.
• Concept of fluids, Laminar Flow, Turbulent Flow etc.
• Different types of Flow measurement
• Principle of Different types of Flow Measuring devices.
• Overview of Various Flow meters & Flow Measurements.
• Calibration of Turbine Flow Meter.
• Calibration of Magnetic Flow Meter, Calibration of ROTA Meters.
Practical –Presentation
Module (07)
• Process Drawings
• Block Diagrams.
• Process Flow Diagrams.
• P&ID symbols, how to read etc.
Practical –Presentation
Module (08)
• Instruments Maintenance.
• Thermistor, RTD and Thermocouple mounting and trouble shooting.
• Bellow, Diaphragm mounting and trouble shooting.
• Level Capacitor mounting and trouble shooting.
• Electromagnetic, Turbine etc flow transmitters mounting and trouble shooting.
Practical –Presentation