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Modern Electrical Power System


Course Contents

  • Generation Fundamentals

    • How electricity is generated
    • 3-Phase generation
    • Stator, Rotor and Exciter
    • Prime movers (Coal, Hydro, Nuclear, other)

  • Substation Overview

    • Major equipment (Transformers, circuit breakers, regulators, air switches)
    • Buswork and air switches
    • Control building and battery backup control power

  • Transmission Overview

    • Types of structures
    • Configurations
    • Characteristics

  •  Distribution Facilities Overview 

    • Common voltages
    • Radial system
    • Typical distribution equipment

  • Telecommunications Overview 

    • Control centers and remote terminal units
    • Types of communications systems (fiber, microwave, power line carrier, etc.)

  • Electricity 

    • Single and Three Phase Connections
    • Voltage and Current equations
    • Power Factor
    • Transformers and Regulators
    • Circuit Breakers and Reclosers
    • Capacitors, Inductors and Lightning Arresters
    • Control Building equipment
    • Conductors and Insulators
    • Transmission Lines
    • Distribution Facilities
    • Service Entrance Equipment
    • Metering
    • Protective Relays
    • Synchronization
  • Normal System Operations Basics

  • Emergency System Operations Basics

  • Generator Balance and Demand Curves


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