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Induction Module Mechanical Engineering

  • Elements of manufacturing process

  • Concepts of measurement and metrology

  • Concepts of quality, Accuracy, Tolerance, Precision

  • Finish, Reliability, Limits/Fits

  • Concepts of batch and continuous production and work flow measurement

  • Thermodynamics

  • First and Second law, Heat engine cycle, Steam cycle, Combustion

  • Rotodynamic machinery, Positive displacement machines, Heat Transfer

  • Mechanical Drawing Reading

  • Introduction to Mechanical Print Reading

  • Lines Used in Mechanical Print Reading

  • Dimensions in Mechanical Print Reading

  • Orthographic Projection

  • Lubricants and Lubrication

  • Principles of Lubrication

  • Lubricant Characteristics

  • Additives, Lub. Action & Bearing Lub.

  • Oils and Their Applications

  • Characteristics of greases

  • Special Purpose Greases and Dry Film Lubricants

  • Lubrication Systems and Methods

  • Automatic Lubrication Methods

  • Lubricant Storage and Handling

  • Lubrication Management

  • Gears & type of gears

  • Important points while installation.

  • Important points to be check.

  • Calculation of gear reducer with capacity.

  • Maintenance & PM points for gears.

  • Gears & type of gears

  • Important points for selection of coupling type & its size calculation.

  • Changing & checking of coupling.

  • Types of Bearings

  • How to fit bearing & Selection of bearing.

  • Maintenance of bearing.

  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics Systems

  • Concepts and Principles

  • Design

  • Maintenance and troubleshooting


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