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Developing an Effective Safety Culture


What is Safety Policy?

  • Inclusion of company's goals and objectives about safety & health in the safety policy

  • Effective communication of safety policy to all employees

The Concept "A Corporate Safety Culture"

Electrical hazards

  • Introduction to Electrical Hazards & Control

  • Common cause of electrical accidents

  • Electrical fires and prevention measures

  • Earthing

  • Lighting and Serge protection

  • Selection of Electrical equipment for hazardous area

Controlling the risks

  • Eliminate the hazard

  • Isolation of the hazards

  • Use administrative controls

  • Use of personal protective equipment

Managing injuries

  • First aid, Identification, assessment and control

  • Maintenance and inspection, Accident investigation

Safety Organization

  • Devising safety organization with well documented responsibilities

  • Creating awareness of the safety organization amongst staff/employees

HSE Management

  • Identification, assessment and control of all workplace hazards and risks

  • Active involvement in safety & health matters with managers, supervisors and workers

  • Providing information and training for people at all levels so they can effectively meet their responsibilities

  • Designing and implementing company goals and objectives about safety & health


  • Inclusion of safety & health responsibilities into job descriptions

  • Assignment of responsibilities and accountabilities

  • Communication of responsibilities to all stakeholders

  • Formal communication of changes in responsibilities to staff

Safety committee and regular meetings

  • Apex, Area and Departmental safety committees

  • Frequency of meetings

Monitoring and review

  • Accessing effectiveness of the control measures?

  • Accessing effectiveness of the safety process?


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