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Basic Electrical Systems and Electrical Safety

  • Basic Electricity

    • Capacitors and Inductors
    • Conductors and Insulators
    • Electrical Terms and Definition
    • Ohm’s Law, Series and Parallel connection
    • AC and DC Principles
    • Reading Electrical diagrams

  • Cables and Wiring

    • Types of Cables and wiring
    • Termination and jointing of cables
    • Working with Site Plans and Symbols
    • Lighting circuits
    • Use of Conventional chokes & Electronic chokes in tube light circuits

  • Measuring Instruments

    • Using: Multimeter, Meger, Energy meter, CT’s

  • L. V. Switchgear

    • Knowledge on Push Buttons, Limit switches, Contactors, Bi metal Relays, Fuses, MCB, ELCB.

  • Magnetism and Electro magnetism, Single phase and polyphase system

  • Introduction to transformers

  • Introduction to motors

  • Electrical Safety

    • Electrical hazards & Control
    • Common cause of electrical accidents
    • Electrical fires and prevention measures
    • Earthing
    • Lighting and Serge protection
    • Standards of Electrical Safety
    • Selection of Electrical equipment for hazardous area
    • Preventive maintenance

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