Certified PLC Programmer, PLC, Programmable Logic Controller, PLC In Automation, PLC Fundamentals, PLC Programming Software, Mumbai, India
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Certified PLC Programmer, PLC, Programmable Logic Controller, PLC In Automation, PLC Fundamentals, PLC Programming Software, Mumbai, India


   Certified PLC Programmer

This training program covers PLCs and SCADA.

Programmable Logic Controllers is a heart of modern automation systems. The application ranges from small CNC machines to large process plants.

This training program is specially designed for the students and professionals to gain practical working experience on leading brands of PLCs such as Allen Brdley, Siemens, Modicon and GE Fanuc.

We cover some of the widely used SCADA software such as Wonderware InTouch.

Course contents
Programmable Logic Controller
» Introduction to PLC hardware
» Architectural Evolution of PLC
» Role of PLC in automation
» Introduction to the field devices attached to PLC
» PLC Fundamentals - (Block diagram of PLC's)
» Detail information about PLC components

Power supply

I/O modules
Communication bus
» Various ranges available in PLCs
» Types of Inputs & outputs
» Source Sink Concept in PLC
» Concept of flags
» Scan cycle execution

Practical Exposure Allen Bradley, Siemens, Modicon and GE Fanuc PLCs
» Introduction to PLC programming software
» Addressing concepts
» Introduction to bit, byte & word concept
» Programming instructions arithmetic and logical
Load /and /or/out / and Read / Write
MOVE block application
Compare / Add / Sub /And /Or - Blocks
Advanced instructions
Leading edge / trailing edge instructions
File handling
Timer Blocks programming
Comment functions
Master control /set /reset function
Counter Block programming
» Upload, download, Monitoring of programs
» Forcing I/P & O/P
» Monitoring / Modifying data table values
» Standard procedure to be followed in wiring / writing ladder etc
» Hands on experience on writing programs
  Case studies for conveyer, motors control, timer & counter applications etc.
» Troubleshooting and fault diagnostics of PLC
» Documenting the project
» Program assignments for real time applications
Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition
» Applications of SCADA software
» Different packages available with I/O structure
» Features of SCADA software
Application development in Wonderware InTouch
» Creating a new SCADA application
» Creating Database of Tags
» Creating & Editing graphic display with animation
Data Entry / Start Stop command
Analog entry
» Trending
Creating & Accessing Real-time Trends
Creating & Accessing Historical Trends
» Creating Alarms & Events
» Writing logic through script
Application script
Data Change
Window script
Special functions
» Connectivity with the different hardware
Communication protocols
Communication with PLC
Communication with Data Acquisition System
» Connectivity between software
Communication with Excel
Communication with Visual Basic
» Commissioning the network nodes
Troubleshooting the application